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Tic-Tac-Toe - LibP2P Peer to Peer Utils

September 16, 2021


Today we’ll be looking into LibP2P helper libraries from our IPFS library we mention yesterday.

So today’s main goal is to explore the IPFS library and successfully create a peer to peer connection implementation in our Clojurscript.

A few things I want add as utility functions for our player vs player feature is:

  • Creating a node.
  • List in the UI my nodes multiaddresses.
  • Subscribe to a topic
  • List in the UI the list of peers connected to my node and topic.
  • Form input to connect to a peer
  • Form to publish messages to topic.

After a whole day tinkering the library I got all these features. Check out this screenshot of the UI: Peer Utils UI

Here is the implementation of that ui in clojurscript.

(ns ^:figwheel-hooks tic-tac-toe-web.create-room
    [cljs.core.async :refer [go]]
    [reagent.core :refer [atom]]
    [cljs.core.async.interop :refer-macros [<p!]]))

(def room-state (atom {:node nil :my-addresses [] :peer-ids [] :opponent-address nil :msg-input nil}))

(defn get-peer-ids [node topic]
  (. (. node -pubsub) (peers topic)))

(defn create-ipfs-node []
  (.create js/Ipfs
           (clj->js {:config

(defn connect-to-peer [multiaddr]
  (. (. (:node @room-state) -swarm) (connect multiaddr)))

(defn subscribe-to-topic [node topic handle-message]
  (. (. node -pubsub) (subscribe topic handle-message)))

(defn publish-msg [topic msg]
  (. (. (:node @room-state) -pubsub) (publish topic msg)))

(defn log-messages [msg]
  (js/console.log (. (. msg -data) (toString))))

(defn create-ipfs-room [topic]
    (let [node (<p! (create-ipfs-node))
          my-addresses (map #(.toString %) (. (<p! (.id node)) -addresses))
          handleMessage log-messages
          subscription (<p! (subscribe-to-topic node topic handleMessage))
          interval (js/setInterval #(do
                                        (let [peer-ids (<p! (get-peer-ids node topic))]
                                          (swap! room-state assoc :node node :my-addresses my-addresses :peer-ids peer-ids))))

(defn connect-to-peer-form []
  (fn []
     [:label "Opponents Address"]
     [:input {:type        "text"
              :value       (:opponent-address @room-state)
              :on-change   #(swap! room-state assoc :opponent-address (-> % .-target .-value))
              :placeholder "Opponents Address"}]
     [:button {:on-click #(connect-to-peer (:opponent-address @room-state))} "Connect to Opponent"]]))

(defn send-msg-form [topic]
  (fn []
     [:label "Send Message"]
     [:input {:type        "text"
              :value       (:msg-input @room-state)
              :on-change   #(swap! room-state assoc :msg-input (-> % .-target .-value))
              :placeholder "Chat..."}]
     [:button {:on-click #(publish-msg topic (:msg-input @room-state))} "Send Message"]]))

(defn create-room []
  (let [topic "clean-tic-tac-toe"
        create-room (create-ipfs-room topic)]
    (fn []
       [:div "My Address: "
         (for [address (:my-addresses @room-state)]
           [:li {:key address} address])]
        [:div "Connected Peers: "
          (for [peer-id (:peer-ids @room-state)]
            [:li {:key peer-id} peer-id])]
         [:div [connect-to-peer-form]]
         [:div [(send-msg-form topic)]]]]])))

Tomorrow will start adding UI and UX to players interested in playing vs online.


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