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Tic Tac Toe in Clojure - Part 6 Web UI with Reagent

August 29, 2021

Today we showcased the CLI version of the tic tac toe to our ‘client’, everything went well. Now we will work toward this story:

Create Interface for Tic Tak Toe Game in the Web

We will be learning about Clojurescript, and the React-like library for clojurescript called Reagent.

A few things I’ve learned about clojurescript is that it seeks to address the weak link in client/embedded application development by replacing Javascript with Clojure. It is made possible thanks to the Google Closure library complier.

So to start the project I’m going to use Figwheel

Figwheel Main builds your ClojureScript code and hot loads it as you are coding!

We get started with a simple comand line to bootstrap our clojurescript with reagent and fighweel boilerplate.

lein new figwheel-main tic-tac-toe-web -- +npm-bundle --reagent   

We run yarn to install dependencies and lein fig:build to get our development environment running! Sweet!

What I really love about this new tech stack is the ability to have a running repl interact with your app. Its like I have direct access to interact with the app and test different things really quick!

Alright, now that we have a working development environment lets move the code from our cli project over to clojurescript.

So we copied some files over to our Clojurscript project our and renamed their file extensions from clj to cljs We ran into issues and learned that :refer :all is not supported in Clojurscript, so we refactored some of that require code in our clojurescript program made sure test passed and copied over the changes to our Clojurescript project.

Reagent uses atoms as its inmutable state for the react application state so we gotta make sure we !swap the game state accordingly and when we expect it to change.

For now we just use one of our tic-tac-toe constants new-game and assign it to the atom like so:

(defonce app-state (atom {:game tic-tac-toe/new-game}))

I want to figure out the UI html for this. So I’m going to read a bit on how to create components in reagent, so I get a better idea on how to implement our board. Thinking of using SVGs to render out the board but not sure yet. I’m also wondering if I can also add some test to the UI components, not business logic test but behaviour test e.g.:

  • does the board render properly,
  • does clicking a spot call the play function with the correct argument,
  • does it display the winner
  • does it display if the game is over?

Essentially all the responsibilities (display and input handling) of my UI like my CLI test but for reagent. I’ve come to love behaviour driven development in react with React testing library I wonder if there is an equivalent for clojurescript and reagent, guess I have a lot to figure out!

Scratch that I can actually use npm libraries with fighweel so I will attempt to write a simple test case for my UI using it. A lot of trial and error at the moment but will share the working tests next time!

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