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Struggling to Enhance Your Software Development Team?

  • Is your team delivering solutions that don't match business goals?
  • Is your team increasingly busy putting out fires after each release?
  • Are lead times increasing, resulting in decreasing customer satisfaction?
  • Do you know you need to make changes but feel uncertain about where to start?

Imagine Knowing Exactly What To Do Next

Picture this- stepping off the treadmill. Reducing lead times, increasing customer satisfaction, team collaboration. Rapid deployment cycles and streamlined Agile processes. Seeing persistent issues fade away. Gaining the confidence to take decisive actions that improve your team's performance.

Speak With an Experienced Software Development Coach

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Sometimes, all it takes to break free is the right conversation at the right time. Move past analysis paralysis and find out exactly what to do next. Schedule a live 1:1 coaching call with me now. Why?

  • I have a unique blend of business sense and technical expertise, ensuring I can bridge the gap between business objectives and technical execution.
  • Having worked with and learned from industry legends, I know what it takes to build high-performing software teams and successful projects.
  • I've taught hundreds of developers how to write clean and effective code through training classes and webinars. Not only do I master my craft, but I also excel in teaching it.
  • I have years of experience leading software development projects and have helped numerous teams enhance their performance.
  • I'm bilingual and proficient in English and Spanish, making me accessible to a broader range of team members.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Schedule a coaching call using my private scheduling link.
  2. The session is set for 45 minutes, but consider blocking extra time in case we run over.
  3. We'll meet via Zoom. Share your biggest software development challenge with me.
  4. I’ll provide specific, actionable steps to address your issues.

Common topics include:

  • Enhancing organizational alignment, culture and leadership
  • Boosting team productivity, collaboration and efficiency strategies
  • Streamlining Agile processes and achieving sprint goals
  • Enhancing code quality and testing practices
  • Implementing efficient CI/CD pipelines

I offer practical advice that you can act on immediately. This isn't about vague principles—it's about clear, direct instructions based on my extensive experience.

Feel free to record the call for future reference. Once you pay, you’ll get a link to schedule a 45-minute session in my calendar. NOTE: Consider blocking some extra time after the call.

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I’m confident that I can provide at least one high-value piece of advice. If you don’t feel you got your money’s worth by the end of our call, let me know, and I’ll refund your payment in full.

Ready To Get Started?

Are you ready to take your software team to the next level? Great!

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Don't Take My Word For It...

"Edgardo is an Expert, Responsible, and timely professional who helped us rethink our standards and find the right solutions. Edgardo is not scared to bring the hard truths in a respectable manner."

- Johann Gracia

“Edgardo is one of the most knowledgeable and fastest programmers I know. He always makes sure to be up to date with the latest tools and has a keen eye for improving products and developing innovative ideas.”

- Tania Gonzalez

"Edgardo provided invaluable mentorship, helping junior developers grow technically and enforcing high code standards through TDD and tool integration."

- William Cheung

“Edgardo has a reputation for getting customers with complex problems akin to science fiction and somehow solve them with finesse. For me, he’s not only a leader or a mentor but a wizard.”

- Lenny Mendez

"Through Edgardo's hands-on approach, I learned invaluable tactics for team management, implementing CI/CD and monitoring. His focus on value over effort is exceptional."

- Fernando Yordan

“Edgardo has a vast knowledge and understanding of development processes and technical abilities which he consistently demonstrates through the quality of his work."

- Karlo Martinez

"Edgardo has a natural skill of producing creative technical solutions, working with different systems, and quickly adopting new technologies."

- Gabriel Flores

"Edgardo's knowledge and thoroughness in web design, GraphQL, and project management were exceptional, greatly benefiting our projects."

- Ronald Delgado

"Edgardo's team-leading skills and vast experience were critical in our project's success."

- Sam Yung

Still Have Questions?

What happens after I pay?

Once you complete your payment, you’ll receive a link to schedule an appointment in my calendar. The session is set for 1 hour, but block extra time just in case.

Are there other costs besides the coaching call?

No major costs. I might recommend a book or a service, but that's it.

I’m nervous about sharing my business ideas...

Don't worry. I treat all shared information with strict confidentiality. I’ve been consulting for over a decade and would have gone out of business if I didn't maintain this trust.

Will you sign an NDA before we speak?

No, for small engagements like this, involving lawyers isn’t financially sensible.

I don’t think I need help...

Everyone needs help at times. Even I seek outside assistance for my own business. It’s hard to see the water when you’re swimming in it.

My situation is different!

Probably not. Many aspects of software development challenges are universal. The key is knowing which to apply and how.

Can my business partner join the call too?

No, this is a 1:1 session. You can record the conversation to share with your partner afterward.

Still on the fence? No worries. Send me an email at and we can arrange a time to discuss your concerns.

This Is Your Moment

Don't let another opportunity slip away! You're at the end of this page, but you could be at the beginning of a transformative journey for your software team. Book your 1-on-1 coaching session with me now:

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Don't Miss Out, Spots Are Limited

I can only accommodate a limited number of 1-on-1 coaching sessions each month. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. The sooner you book, the quicker you'll gain the insights needed to elevate your software team's performance.


Hi, I am Edgardo Carreras, and I've been a software developer, CTO, consultant, and trainer for the better part of the past decade. I have mentored and trained hundreds of developers and have a track record in scaling and building successful software development teams and products.

In my first year as a software engineer, I helped a small agency improve its development workflow, increasing its revenue by 300%. A desire to improve the industry's professionalism led me to found a software agency of my own in Puerto Rico.

By leading different organizations as a CTO, consulting teams, and training developers, I've learned how to improve programmers' professionalism and transcend the quality of their craft to the next level.